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Digital Innovation Accelerator for the Textile Industry

TexSpace is more than just a database or a social network. Our holistic approach to open innovation enables startups, companies, institutes as well as investors to connect through a transparent and dynamic innovation platform specifically tailored to the textile industry.
We believe that current Innovation Processes can be optimized by introducing players across all technological and strategic levels into one immersive ecosystem with a set of tools suitable to the needs of our ecosystem members.

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Digital B2B to B2I Networking Possibilities

Increase your visibility and reach on the textile platform by posting your ideas, offers, or requests on our marketplace and let the ecosystem do the rest.
Take advantage of our digital matchmaking tool by submitting your Offers and Requests on the marketplace and receive matches suitable to your content:
As an ecosystem member of over 15 partner platforms, you can connect with virtually every major cross-sector connected to the textile industry.

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Disruptive Innovators

TexSpace is the digital innovation platform for startups from the textile industry with an open innovation mindset. As a startup, you communicate your current products, services, and news. Increase your visibility in a more targeted B2B and B2I environment and become a digital pioneer in a conservative sector.


State of the Art Research

TexSpace offers research institutes the unique opportunity to directly connect to the industry. The aim is to facilitate the seed for consortia or increase the chances of strengthening industry-focused research and development processes. In addition, the expertise and services of the institutes are also presented for possible bilateral commissions by companies.


Innovation Implemenation

The innovation process for a concept is crucial. Take a look at the ever changing landscape of fundamental research in a way no other platform does. Take advantage of your online platform and its tools or get in touch with our innovation and textile specialists for a scouting or consulting workshop.


Networking Opportunities

There are several methods to facilitate events for B2B and B2i (Investor, Institutes) Networking purposes. Speed-Dating Events on fairs and now digital options are possibilities to increase your network.

Challenges are other methods for companies and startups to connect to solve a specific problem. You are also able to participate in Events hosted throughout the whole Ecosystem from more than 15 other partner platforms.


What drives the sector today

TexSpace Feed shows you individually fitting information about startups, institutes, project calls, and events to give you a look into the current textile and adjacent cross-sector industries. Simply log in, scroll through and stay up to date. Profit from new TexSpace News formats and the ability to submit your own articles to increase your reach.

TexSpace Marketplace

Become part of the ecosystem where ideas become reality. Users inform the ecosystem about the types of partners and projects they are looking for.

  • Accelerate innovation processes through a digital platform covering players from all technological levels.
  • State-of-the-Art Research, innovative technologies, and project ideas to requests in one platform
  • Choose from over 250 different technologies suitable for your scouting behavior.

TexSpace B2B and B2I Matchmaking

Are you looking for Partners for publicly funded research and development projects, partners to prototype innovative ideas, partners to improve existing technologies, or an investor to finance a promising company that can be accessed through the database and marketplace.

  • Get matched with users from TexSpace and the whole ecosystem including over 15 other partner platforms.
  • Access to State-of-the-Art Research and disruptive innovations from all around the textile industry.
  • Increased matching probabilities through specific patterns can save you time and stress.

The Ecosystem

TexSpace is part of the Innoloft Ecosystem, a "network of networks". Thus, TexSpace is connected to all other LoftOS platforms of the Ecosystem in different countries and industries.

The advantage: Innovation exchange among all platforms of business­opportunities, offers and requests. The ecosystem multiplies the reach and thus the added value for all users*. International collaboration and cross-industry innovation are easily possible.

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